Wussy Duo


EP, 2013 / Shake It Records
Available Formats: CD (out of print), Download

Track Listing

  1. Like It or Not
  2. New American Standard
  3. Pretty as You Please
  4. Loaded for Bear
  5. Ring a Ding Ding, I'm Rotten Inside
  6. Liquored Up
  7. North Sea Girls

2013 Record Store Day exclusive. Limited Edition, hand-stamped and numbered.

$7 - Download

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Wussy Duo is Chuck Cleaver and Lisa Walker.

This was a limited hand-made release for Record Store Day 2013. The physical version is now out of print, so we’ve made it available digitally. Download includes PDF of original insert.

Words on 1, 3, 5, 6 by Chuck Cleaver and 2, 4, 7 by Lisa Walker. Music by Wussy Duo, arrangements by the duo and John Curley. Thanks to JC and Niesz for help with the birds and the beats. Copyright 2013/2014 wussymusic (ascap). Recorded February 2013 by John Curley at Ultrasuede Studio, Cincinnati. Chuck played electric, acoustic and resonator guitars, hammond b3, piano. Lisa played electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, hammond b3, vibraphone. Mixed by John Curley and Brian Niesz at Ultrasuede. Mastered by Dave Davis, The All Night Party.