The Magic Words


Released November 24, 2017
The Magic Words demo compilation / Damnably (UK)
Available Formats: Cassette, Download

Track Listing

  1. Jonah
  2. Skip
  3. Melody Ranch
  4. Loaded for Bear
  5. Mayflies
  6. Millie Christine
  7. Watch Yer Back
  8. Hello Goodnight
  9. Killer Trees
  10. Summertime
  11. New American Standard
  12. Watch Yr Back
  13. Maglite
  14. Rigor Mortis
  15. Losing Streak
  16. Tiny Spiders
  17. Little Paper Birds
  18. Watch Yer Back

$9 - Cassette

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The Magic Words (Damnably, 2017) is a self-titled compilation of solo home recordings by Lisa Walker of Wussy. The limited edition cassette features newly remastered versions of tracks that originally appeared on Walker’s limited self-released albums Junk Train and The Day We Ran Away. Both releases feature the bare bones of songs that were later to become fully formed Wussy classics.
“Junk Train, the debut from The Magic Words (aka Lisa Walker of Cincinnati’s Wussy) captures the grounded, primitive nature of lo-fi’s best. Walker began the project as a means to write new songs for Wussy, but soon realized she had an affinity for her initial tapes. The recording quality adds a sense of mystery and immediacy, much like PJ Harvey’s amazing 4-Track Demos CD. On “Loaded For Bear,” Walker mixes in remedial computer quirks and beats over simple acoustic strums, while she layers her smoky, distorted vocals like early Elliott Smith. The unselfconsciousness of the recording is reflected in Walker’s engaging vocals, which sometimes crack and waver fittingly on emotional songs like “Mayflies” and the mangy “Watch Yer Back,” which is built on a grungy, noisy guitar riff that apes the clinched-fist vengeance of the lyrics (“It’s time the rites were read/This is better left for dead/I heard things you said”). Fidelicists might not be able to get past the bareness, but music fans who love good songwriting presented as intimate as a whisper in your ear will relish Junk Train’s pragmatic aura. “(Mike Breen, CityBeat)

All songs by Lisa Walker. Tracks 1-9, 11 and 13-17 were performed, recorded and mixed by Lisa Walker in 2004-07. Track 10 was performed by Walker with David Enright in 2009, recorded by Walker/Enright, and mixed by Enright. Track 12 was performed by Walker with Bill Alletzhauser and recorded/mixed by Alletzhauser in 2004. Mastered by Matthew Barnhart.