Album, 2011 / Shake It (US)
Available Formats: LP, CD, Download

Track Listing

Side A

  1. Asteroid
  2. Pulverized
  3. Waiting Room
  4. Chicken
  5. Grand Champion Steer
  6. Magnolia

Side B

  1. Fly, Fly, Fly
  2. Mountain of Tires
  3. Pizza King
  4. Wrist Rocket
  5. Little Miami

$15.99 - LP

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“Mindful drone-rockers from Ohio are alternately terse and liquiform in all the right places” – New York Times

“When I say I consider Wussy the best band in America I mean I like or love — no, make that love or really like — just about every one of the 46 songs on those five albums: Funeral Dress, followed by Left for Dead, Wussy, the unplugged start-to-finish remake Funeral Dress II, and Strawberry. We’re talking Beatles-Stones consistency here.” Grade A – Robert Christgau, Barnes & Noble Review

“Every stick-in-your-head chorus seems like a small triumph” ★★★★☆ – Rolling Stone

“A truly classic record, one that will be talked about at length this year and for many more to come” 8/10 – Pop Matters

“They don’t make bands like this anymore.” ★★★★☆ – Boston Phoenix