Left for Dead


Album, 2007 / Shake It Records
Available Formats: LP (Out of Stock), CD, Download

Track Listing

Side A

  1. Trail of Sadness
  2. Rigor Mortis
  3. Mayflies
  4. Millie Christine
  5. Killer Trees
  6. Jonah

Side B

  1. What's His Name
  2. Tiny Spiders
  3. Sun Giant Says Hey
  4. God's Camaro
  5. Melody Ranch
  6. Vivian Girls

“Superb…imagine a Yo La Tengo too tight to get cute or far out dispensing a Velvet Underground derivative fluent enough to warm the erectile tissue of anyone with a thing for guitar drones.” ★★★★☆ – Robert Christgau, Rolling Stone

Note: Vinyl currently out of stock

$10.99 - CD

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Produced by John Curley and Wussy. Recorded/Mixed by John Curley with Austin Brown at Ultrasuede. Mastered by Dave Davis at QCA. Words by Cleaver / Walker. Music by Wussy.

Reviews of Left for Dead

“With 2005′s country-fried debut, Funeral Dress, Wussy arrived just as quietly as Chuck Cleaver’s previous band, ’90s shoulda-beens Ass Ponys, exited. Cleaver’s predilection for black humor and white trash remained, and he packed a secret weapon in co-conspirator Lisa Walker. On this more assured follow-up, Cleaver largely cedes the spotlight to Walker, but the best moments come when his warbly falsetto mixes with her bruised alto. “Sun Giant Says Hey” is jubilant, while “What’s-His-Name” sounds as peppy as it does bilious (read: very). Meanwhile, Walker’s star turn on “Tiny Spiders” manages to be haunting and exalting at the same time.” – Spin

“Alive with the gritty, imperfect glow and wry humor of coed combos X and the Mekons.” – Magnet