Funeral Dress II


Album, 2011 / Shake It Records
Available Formats: LP, Download

Track Listing

Side A

  1. Airborne
  2. Funeral Dress
  3. Soak It Up
  4. Shunt
  5. Conversation Lags

Side B

  1. Crooked
  2. Humanbrained Horse
  3. Motorcycle
  4. Yellow Cotton Dress
  5. Bought It Again
  6. Don't Leave Just Now

$15.99 - LP

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Just to see what would happen, in the fall of 2010 Wussy sat down on the couch at Ultrasuede, popped open a few beers, uncorked some wine (may have been a screw cap – not sure) & played the Funeral Dress record from beginning to end with a few acoustic guitars and little else. The result was a take with a few bumps and bruises along but was at the same time both glorious & emotionally cut to the bone.

“I’m so skeptical of unplugged Record Store Day thingies it never occurred to me to sample this one when it materialized last April. This means I was an idiot–when you love a record the way I love their debut, you never know when some alternate version might turn into, say, the live Daydream Nation that other couple group assembled. It also means the limited edition is almost sold out by now. What will you miss if you don’t buy it–eek!–right this minute? Suffering stripped naked beneath the wit, tune, and transcendent noise you long ago learned to love. Detailed knowledge of how nuanced and expressive Chuck and especially Lisa’s voice can be, and how delicately they’re capable of interacting. Well-turned lyrics you never before had to concentrate on–and yes, they make sense except when they don’t, which why should they always when life doesn’t either? Acoustic guitars, brushed drums, occasional accordion. And a finale you never knew was so agonizing. Try to break up to that. I dare you. A” – Robert Christgau’s Consumer Guide