Forever Sounds


Album, 2016 / Shake It (US), Damnably (UK)
Available Formats: LP, CD, Download

Track Listing

Side A

  1. Dropping Houses
  2. She's Killed Hundreds
  3. Donny's Death Scene
  4. Gone
  5. Hello, I'm a Ghost

Side B

  1. Hand of God
  2. Sidewalk Sale
  3. Better Days
  4. Majestic-12
  5. My Parade

$15.99 - LP

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Forever Sounds finds Wussy crafting some of their most raw and melodic material to date, exploring such themes as hauntings, false prophets, aliens and The Big Lebowski, all blanketed inside layers of noise. Combining the raw energy of Nuggets-era psych with fuzzy 90’s dream pop, the effect is equally jagged and serene, a blend of singable Americana and “arena-drone”.

“As one of American indie’s premier songwriting projects, Cincinnati-based five-piece Wussy have set high standards of consistency over their decade-and-change career, patiently amassing a hefty songbook courtesy of head writers/guitar wranglers Lisa Walker and Chuck Cleaver, even while slowly widening their national profile through extensive road shows. Attica! was generally acclaimed as the band’s “breakthrough” in 2014 — a slightly odd designation, given the four unimpeachable albums preceding it, no matter the general uptick in media coverage and good press.” – SPIN

‘If Michael Stipe Co-wrote songs with Morrissey…then hired Neil Young, Crazy horse and the Cowboy Junkies to play them, and asked Kevin Shields to mix them, then the results would be… a bit like Forever Sounds’
The Sunday Times

‘Wussy’s ragged Ohio racket hits biblical proportions on ‘Forever Sounds.‘’
**** SPIN Album of the Week

“The album is full of darkly valiant shoegaze, music that is cozy enough to hibernate under.’

‘In the hands of less adept acts, these parts might be oil and water; but America’s best songwriting band might now be among its best soundscaping ones.’

‘Swirling, psych-rock riffs that expand outward seemingly without end’
The A.V. Club

‘If you’re not familiar with the fuzzy dream pop psych of Cincinnati’s Wussy, you’re in for a treat.’