Album, 2014 / Shake It (US), Damnably (UK)
Available Formats: LP, CD, Download

Track Listing

Side A

  1. Teenage Wasteland
  2. Rainbows and Butterflies
  3. Bug
  4. North Sea Girls
  5. Acetylene

Side B

  1. To the Lightning
  2. Halloween
  3. Gene, I Dream
  4. Attica!
  5. Home
  6. Beautiful

$15.99 - LP

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Attica! is the 5th album from Cincinnati’s Wussy, and the first to be released jointly in the US and UK. These 11 new tracks were recorded with old Afghan Whigs pal John Curley at Cincinnati’s legendary Ultrasuede Studios. John Erhardt rejoins forces with former Ass Ponys bandmate Chuck Cleaver as the band’s fifth member on some Dark-Side-inspired pedal steel, adding a further psychedelic smear to Wussy’s ever-developing swirl of noise, or as some have described – Ohio Drone. Attica! is the band’s loudest and quietest record to date, finding Cleaver and co-leader Lisa Walker at their lyrical best and Wussy as a whole at their weirdest and finest.

Recent Press

Imagine a Yo La Tengo too tight to get cute or far out, dispensing a Velvet Underground derivative, fluent enough to warm the erectile tissue of anyone with a thing for guitar drones.” – Rolling Stone 4/5

“I consider Wussy the best band in America..I like or love — no, make that love or really like — just about every one of the 46 songs on those five albums: Funeral Dress, followed by Left for Dead, Wussy, the unplugged start-to-finish remake Funeral Dress II, and Strawberry. We’re talking Beatles-Stones consistency here.” – Robert Christgau

“Recalling a roll call of adventurous boy/girl-styled indie bands – Yo La Tengo, Handsome Family, X – Wussy draws on plenty of yin/yang sexual and existential tension, a charmingly shambling, rough-hewn sound, and an army of alternately droning and jangling guitars on their sharpest outing yet.” – Uncut 4/5

“An unmistakable identity…this collection proves that Wussy are certainly a band with an incredibly rich past and, undoubtedly, an equally rich future.” – BBC

“Few bands since the Velvet-steeped heyday of the Feelies, Yo La Tengo and R.E.M. have abandoned themselves so completely to the ebbing, flowing currents of keening, droning guitars.” – NPR Song of the Day

“Wussy is a weird and wonderful band with a capital B. Strawberry distils down the best parts of all the parties involved to make their first truly classic record, one that will be talked about at length this year and for many more to come.” – SPIN

“Cincinnati’s Wussy falls under the category of a “Best Band You’ve Never Heard Of” but should make it your business to get acquainted with..” 8/10 – Blurt Online

“Mindful drone-rockers from Ohio are alternately terse and liquiform in all the right places” – New York Times

“A truly classic record, one that will be talked about at length this year and for many more to come” 8/10 – Pop Matters

“The first nine of the seventeen songs on offer here are actually flawless: memorable tracks seem to come by the bucketload, and after the first play of each you could easily be convinced that they’ve been with you forever.” 5/5 – Artrocker