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Tour Diary: Chicago (US / Day 17)

“We’ve been told Chicago is a town you have to earn, and whether that’s really true for all, it certainly has been for us.”

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Tour Diary: Kansas City (US / Day 16)

“I don’t care if they use a BB gun and it takes two hours, it’ll still be better than a drum circle..”

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Tour Diary: Denver (US / Day 15)

“John slept in the van and the other six of us crammed in one room old school style. That’s the thing about nostalgia – it only exists if you never actually go back to the good old days..”

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Tour Diary: Wenatchee to Boise (US / Days 13-14)

“It was Sunday, Father’s Day, heading away from big cities – what could go wrong? ..”

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Tour Diary: Seattle (US / Day 12)

Ranking Cheese Doodle: Kroger Puffed Cheese Curls – Almost identical to the H-E-B store brand. I suspect collusion.

Texture: Excellent – Borderline tear your mouth up.

Flavor: Pretty damn good. These are an excellent value. Like a Robert Parker rated Beaujolais of 89 on sale for $12.99

Idiocy from the Van: Have you read the bio “Tom Jones’ Testicles by Emersom Bigguns?

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Tour Diary: SF to Portland (US / Days 10 -11)

Ranking Cheese Doodle: Smallwood’s Harvest Spicy Cheese Nuggets – Excellent for a spicy varietal. People have begun to bring me doodles. This is an excellent development. These are more like a bag of curds in puff form but legit.

Texture: Kind of chewy, like stale Pirate’s Booty.

Flavor: Spicy and salty. The best of the spicy ones.

Idiocy from the Van: Chile Kim Carne (courtesy of Chris Brokaw)

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Tour Diary: San Francisco (US / Day 9)

Ranking Cheese Doodle: No Doodles. I had really hung my hopes on artisanal doodles from the hub of the farm to doodle to table movement. The Spanish have long perfected the culinary science of puffing food with their vangaurdia movement, but as in so many things, we lag behind.

Idiocy from the Van: Well I’m off to birth King Kong’s finger.

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